Kiddie octopus ride for sale from Beston

The Octopus Rides for Sale

The octopus rides is a kind of big spinning amusement park rides which has a novel appearance that seems like an octopus and looks like a dragon in its appearance. We also call them the spinning octopus, big octopus rides, octopus flying car. The octopus amusement ride could rotate up and down.

Kiddie octopus ride for sale from Beston
BNOR-A Kiddie Octopus Ride

Model: BNOR-A

Name: Kiddie Octopus Ride
Rising Height: 1.95m
Power: 15KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 30 persons

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Generally speaking, common types of octopus rides from our factory has 5 arms, each of the arms are made according to the dragon. When these five arms get together, it will present us a splendid scene that five dragons gather together. Each of the arms are attached with 3, 4 or 5 cabins, these cabins are made according to the fish. Each of the cartoon fish cabin could be seat by two kids at the same time. When the rides goes on, this will present us a scene that a group of fishes are wandering in the sea freely. We all know that the real octopus in the sea is scary, but with these special decoration, the ordinary scary octopus ride become cute, interesting and attractive to kids.

The octopus ride from Beston has been exported to Nigeria several weeks ago. This set of octopus ride with 5 arms and 15 cabins is customized by our Nigeria customer. It is an outdoor amusement ride that rotate with the central axis which is suitable for kids and adults.

Details of Beston Octopus Rides In the Workshop:

The octopus rides packing

The octopus rides arms

Octopus rides head painting

Dragon head of the arms

Why kids love the octopus rides?

Cute fish cabin and “scary” octopus are attractive to kids.
Octopus rides are new to kids.
A safe rides that also suitable for adults, kids need their parents when playing amusement park rides.

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