Amusement park and fairground octopus ride for sale

Octopus Fairground Rides for Sale

Octopus fairground rides has been a popular fairground rides for fairground, funfair, theme park and amusement park owners. It is a new design fairground ride that has been designed by amusement park rides manufacturers.

Amusement park and fairground octopus ride for sale
BNOR-B Fairground Octopus Ride

Model: BNOR-B

Name: Octopus Fairground Ride
Rising Height: 1.95m
Power: 15KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 30 persons

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Fish Cabin for Octopus Rides

Small Octopus Rides Cabin

Beston quality octopus rides are popular in the fairground which is suitable for kids and adults. Octopus fairground rides mainly powered by the electric motor and rotate up and down. Each of the fiberglass cabin could seated with 2 person and rotate with a 360 degree. Passengers in the octopus cabins could finish the spinning, up and down movement with high and slow speed. Speed of the octopus ride could be adjusted at any time according to the request of passengers.

With the novel appearance, different colors, colorful lights and dynamic music, octopus rides has drawn lots of attention for amusement park owners. Kids will enjoy the thrill and relax feeling.
This fairground ride could running with 380v or 220v voltage. Each set of octopus ride could seat 30-40 passengers. Amusement park owners could customize the cabins. Now, we have three types in stock, octopus rides with 3 arms which could be seat 18 person, octopus rides with 4 arms which could be seat 24 person, octopus rides with 5 arms which could be seat 30 person. These octopus rides are easy to operate, running stable, easy to install and disassembly. Octopus rides from Beston factory uses standard fittings which is durable and has a low malfunction rate. Decorations and cabins are made of fiberglass. All of all fiberglass products are made of car clean paint. Then octopus rides made by Beston will keep fresh and never fade. We could deliver the equipment in 30 working days, become we have professional designers and experienced workers, that’s the reason why all amusement park rides always high praised by our customers.

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