3ply Protection of Different Types of Mask

3ply Protection of Different Types of Mask
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Medical masks consist of a mask face and a tension band. The mask face is divided into inner, middle and outer layers. The inner layer is skin-friendly material (common sanitary gauze or non-woven fabric), and the middle layer is an isolation filter layer (ultra-fine polypropylene). Fiber meltblown material layer), the outer layer is a special material antibacterial layer (non-woven fabric or ultra-thin polypropylene meltblown material layer).

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3ply Protection for Face Masks from Beston
3ply Protection for Face Masks

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There are 3 layers of medical surgical masks, which are waterproof layer, filter layer and comfort layer from outside to inside.

The comfort layer is a layer of non-woven fabric. When wearing, the white non-woven fabric faces inward, the blue waterproof layer faces outward, and the side with the metal sheet is facing up. After taking it, pinch the metal strip on the nose to ensure tight isolation.

It is a soft foldable mask with certain pathogen filtering effect, but its water resistance and particle filtering efficiency are low. When it comes into close contact with patients, especially those with cough, sputum, sneezing and other symptoms, it has a large protective effect and big discount.

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