Quality Amusement Octopus Rides for Sale From Beston

The octopus rides also called up the octopus flying car is a kind of spinning amusement rides for amusement parks, funfairs, fairground, large squares and other outdoor activities. It is designed according to the octopus, just like a real octopus from the sea. It is a kind of novel design ocean rides which is similar with the ocean carousels for kids. Usually, each set of octopus carnival rides are made up of five arms, and each of the octopus arms are suspended with three cabins. Each of the cabin could be seated with 2 people, speed of the rides could be adjusted and when operating, each of the cabin runs at different height. Adults or kids will up and down and chat with each other. Our octopus rides are deeply loved by kids and adults. It is a kind of amusement rides with novel design, special structure, splendid shape, novel, beautiful Led lights and sweet music.

Three Octopus Amusement Park Rides From Our Factory:

Kiddie octopus ride for sale from Beston

The Octopus Rides for Sale

The octopus rides is a kind of big spinning amusement park rides which has a novel appearance that seems like ...
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Amusement park and fairground octopus ride for sale

Octopus Fairground Rides for Sale

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Octopus rides in our factory

Octopus Carnival Rides for Sale

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Here is a Video of Octopus Ride in Our Factory:


Working Principle: the whole set of octopus ride rotate and drive the arms rotate, and lifting of the arms could be controlled by the hydraulic pressure.

Materials: Steel is the main materials, decoration and cabins are made of the fiberglass.

Applications: Supermarket, shopping mall, large squares, amusement parks, funfair and other public places.

Advantages of Beston Octopus Rides:

We use the standard parts which made by the formal manufacturers with durable and low failure rate. All glass products are painted with quality paint which are clean, smooth and delicate and could be used for a long time with hard to fade characters.

Making Process of Our Octopus Rides:

Octopus rides in our factory
Unfinished Octopus Rides
Amusement park octopus rides cabins
Octopus Fish Cabins
Octopus Rides in Our Factory
Support of the Octopus Rides

The octopus dragon arms
The Dragon Arms
Arms for octopus
The Big Octopus Arm
Octopus Claws Painting
Octopus Claws

The fish cabin for octopus
Fish Cabin
Quality steel support
Steel Support
Big octopus Head
The Big Octopus

Led lights and octopus ride
Octopus And Led Lights
Octopus amusement ride
Painted Octopus Support
Unpainted steel support for the octopus ride
Unpainted Steel Support

Parameter of Beston Octopus Rides for Sale:

Name Octopus Amusement Park Rides
Arms 3 arms 4 arms 5 arms
Cabins 9 cabins 12 cabins 15 cabins
Capacity 18 p 24 p 30 p
Height 4 meter 4.5 meter 5 meter
Raising height 1.5 m 2 m 2.5 m
Power 15 kw 26 kw 32 kw
Cover area 8*8m 10*10m 13*13m

Packing Wooden Cases from Beston Amusement:

Wooden case for packing

the big wooden case

Bottom of the wooden case

One octopus ride case which customized by our customer:

Our customer from Nigeria has customize a set of octopus ride for their amusement park. For his special octopus ride, we had added one cabin to each arms. Now each arms will be attached with 4 cabins, but the old model octopus ride is attached with 3 cabins. With this change, each set of octopus ride could take 40 passengers at one time. We also add colorful led lights to each arms, all of these lights looks like diamond that could shine and when powered by electric power, these lights will shining and this will attractive to tourists in the dark. We finished this projects in 40 days, from design the drawing to material choosing, our workers and customers has paid more attention to the ride. Finally, with the help of our customer, our workers and engineers finished it in 40 days.

Why choose octopus rides for your amusement park or funfair business?

I have ever been on an octopus ride just because of its attractive appearance and novel design in the amusement park. As amusement park owners, we always need fresh attractions to our amusement parks to attract more visitors. We need carousels, ferris wheels, roller coasters, pirate ship rides, because they are classic and common in most of amusement parks. But we may also need some new amusement park rides, for example, the octopus ride. New rides will get more visitors for you. Because, octopus rides are designed according to the real octopus, most of kids have never seen the octopus, this is new to kids.